John S. RogersWhen I started work in the Land Surveying profession there were definitions for what you did: Chainman if you pulled a chain, Rodman if you held a rod, Party Chief if you were in charge of a survey crew and so on.

Today everyone not licensed is a Survey Tech whether in the field or office. If a company owns a steel chain it sits in a glass case in the owner's office along with a transit, plumb bob and weathered field book.

Like everything else in the world, our profession has changed dramatically since I first pulled a chain and continues to evolve at a dizzying pace. Robotics and GPS are now old skool and drones are pushing their way into the mainstream. Where a Yellow Pages ad once sufficed, now you're slipping behind without a strong web and Social Media presence.

At the millennium I was a LSIT drawing maps, doing calcs, writing legals and working my way towards becoming a Registered Land Surveyor. At the same time, I also developed a deep interest in the internet and learned to build and market websites. In my spare time, I started a web-based business.

I became a Registered Land Surveyor about the same time my web-based business began taking off. For years I surveyed while growing and operating the web business. 

After my web business ran its course, it felt quite natural to combine the skills I'd learned with my deep understanding of Land Surveying. Now I'm offering web development and Social Media services to the profession and people I love.

Very few land surveying companies have a quality web presence which surprises me since it can really help get noticed and adds  professional appeal to a business. Here are a couple examples of my work:


I also do creative work like logos, graphic art and writing. I top that off with Social Media support where I can help establish a presence and build an audience. Here's some examples:


Bottom line is: I know Land Surveying and Web Development and would love to help your business in any way I can. Give me a call or send an email and we'll talk about the possibilities.

John Rogers